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Our Featured CREATIONS.

Riddloo - Digital Scuptures1.jpg

Modern wireframe art inspired by the age-old sport of trophy hunting

Riddloo - Evovle Pendant 5.jpg

A Chic and Contemporary urban light fixture, inspired by the process of evolution and the force of gravity

Riddloo - Phoenix 1.jpg

A generative design installation, designed in collaboration with IIT Bombay

A strobe animated sculpture ~ art meets generative design

Riddloo - Stackable Planters 1.jpg

Geometric, modular, stackable planters for every space

Riddloo - Air Planters 1.jpg

Part mathematics, part organic structures, and entirely works of art

Riddloo - Architecture 7.jpg

Advanced 3D Printing solutions for Architecture and Landscaping

Riddloo - Greek Vase 1.jpg

Our experiment with replicating Ancient Art

Stay In Touch.

Riddloo Designs Private Limited

204 Shiv Shakti Industrial Premises, 

J R Boricha Marg, Lower Parel,  Near Lodha Excelus, Mumbai - 400 011 

Maharashtra, India.


Phone: +91 98317 31897

              +91 98205 71997

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