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Air Planters Collection 
Part mathematics, part organic structures, and entirely works of art

These graceful and elegant planter are specifically designed for air plants (Tillandsias, Bromeliads, aka "tillys"). They can be displayed on a wall, the wiry back makes it easy to hang from pins or nails. These plants only need to be sprayed with water fortnightly and they only need air to grow. 


The Bulbophyllum Series draws inspiration from the exuberant shapes of orchids, while embracing clean lines of mathematical precision. Bulbophyllum (meaning "bulbous leaves") is one of the largest genera in the orchid family. 


The Radiolaria Series is a radially symmetrical set inspired by microscopic, fossilized protozoans and complex cell organelles. The designs mix mathematical shapes with organic appendages, ready to be suspended by a string as they turn around in the breeze.


These planters were designed with a custom-made tool that traces a moving path through space using mathematical curves, forming the shapes out of a single, long, interweaving thread. 


We’re working on more planters in different forms that are perfect for these air plants, and we’re sure these planters will stand out in your home or workplace.

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