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Evolve Pendant Lamp 
A Chic & Contemporary urban light fixture, inspired by the process of evolution and the force of gravity

Created as a programmable object in generative design software, the lampshade has a structure created from hundreds of repeating elements that together form a series of interlocking spirals.


3D printing allows the pentagonal lampshade to be manufactured flat and completely assembled; folded out, it’s flexible like a textile, while maintaining its form like a rigid product. The semi-transparent structure shields the bulb’s glare, while transmitting light efficiently.


The technology behind designing this lampshade was extremely complex. Printing this piece would have been equally difficult, had gravity not done its job. Seeing the product unfold from a flat disc to a full sized lampshade never ceases to amaze! 


This piece has a diameter of about 28 cm and hangs about 25 cm tall. It also comes in a smaller size, so let us know if you’re looking for a different size or a different colour. 

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