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Digital Sculpture Collection 
Wireframe art inspired by the age-old sport of trophy hunting

The Digital Sculpture Collection is an ongoing experiment to create designs that push the boundaries and get the most out of 3D printing. 


The idea behind designing this model was to create contemporary art using advanced technology, while retaining the majestic nature of the animal and replicating the sense of achievement of owning a trophy head.


The collection looks fantastic when presented together or individually. The size variations allow the heads to fit into any space, the light weight mean they can be hung with a small pin nail. 


This 3D printed wire faceted sculpture is light yet extremely strong.. To print in this material, we start with a bed of nylon powder and sinter the powder with a laser layer by layer, solidifying the powder as we go. 


The designs are available in various sizes, so let us know if you’re looking for a different size or even a different sculpture in wireframe. 

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